Carolands Mansion
500 3rd Street
1 Hacker
300 Hamilton
60 Spear Street
500 3rd Street photo

500 3rd Street
San Francisco, CA

Concrete Repair

This building was originally constructed in the 1920s. It is a poured-in-place concrete structure. Over the years, the reinforcing steel has rusted, causing the concrete to spall and pose a serious danger of dropping concrete debris to the pedestrian walkway below. Such spalling damages the structural integrity of the building, creates a hazard to pedestrians, and subjects the building owner and occupant to potential civil liability.

CAWC worked with Sika Corporation, a leading manufacturer of waterproofing products, to create a solution for the corrosion of this building. Armetec 110 was used to treat the already deteriorated steel substructure. Sika 123 was applied to re-build the spalled areas of concrete. Then, a surface coating of Sika base and 550W, a high-grade elastomeric coating, was applied to all concrete surfaces.

This structure is now safe, waterproof, and aesthetically pleasing.