Carolands Mansion
500 3rd Street
1 Hacker
300 Hamilton
60 Spear Street
300 Hamilton photo

300 Hamilton
Palo Alto, CA

Stucco & Window Restoration

The structure is a stucco and window wall construction built in the early 1990s. Leakage was entering through the porous cement-based stucco, window perimeters, and the glass-to-glass connector joints.

The solution addressed multiple waterproofing challenges. The glass-to-glass problem was treated with Dow Corning 123 pre-formed silicone tape, sealing the joints vertically. All the window perimeter caulking joints were sealed using Sikaflex 2C polyurethane sealant. Stucco surfaces were coated using Sika 550W high-grade elastomeric coating. A 10-year Sika Corporation warranty was issued for the Sika product applications. The overall waterproofing procedures applied to this structure ensure a complete and long-lasting envelope of protection against costly water damage. CAWC is your go-to source for total building protection.